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Healthy Pet Products About UsWhile operating my own pet sitting business over an eight-year period, I became increasingly concerned about the various health afflictions that I was seeing in my customer’s dogs and cats. The list of ailments appearing over and over again included allergies, itchy skin, ear infections, auto-immune disorders, and a multitude of other problems. I began researching these health concerns and discovered that every symptom seemed to point to food and the environment. This made perfect sense as I am a firm believer that we are what we eat. It is apparent that this same philosophy applies to our beloved pets as well. I had to do something! Coincidentally there was a local store up for sale that only sold natural pet food and treats. I bought the store in 2008 to spread the word about how important it is to feed quality pet food to our pets.

I adopted my girl, Meg, on February 12, 2002. The Animal Rescue League thought she was around 6 months to a year old. At the time I didn’t know about raw feeding or “what’s really in grocery store kibble” till about 6 months after adopting her. There we were heading down the conventional road of low-quality kibble, treats, and conventional medicine. Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time. I walked into a grooming shop to inquire about their services. Literally, as I walked in I witnessed the owner giving her dog a raw chicken leg. I flipped out and said, “Are you crazy? You are going to kill that dog. Dogs can’t have RAW chicken bones!” The owner proceeded to tell me about raw feeding and it was as if someone flicked on a switch in my head. It made total sense to me that this is their evolutionary diet and what they should be eating for optimum health. I immediately went and bought the recommended books and began feeding Meg raw. One day Meg was eating Purina One and the next day raw! And, are you ready for this, NO DIARRHEA!

I am so thankful I did. I do not have a tear-jerking, lifesaving story to tell. What I can say, is Meg was different. She had boundless energy spending her days chasing moles, squirrels, and chipmunks and often catching one! Her coat was soft as angora, which is the first thing people mention when meeting her. Meg had the clearest eyes, cleanest teeth and ears, and was lean and muscular. Most people thought she was much younger than she actually was when meeting her! Since then I have been doing research on basic pet nutrition and the pet food industry. I have found that many of the ailments our pets are suffering from these days can be greatly improved or completely eliminated with premium pet foods, raw feeding, and supplementation (and do I dare mention fewer vaccinations). My true passion in life is to reach as many people as possible and help them to understand what better nutrition can do for their pets and in turn for themselves.

In early 2016, I noticed that Meg was getting picky with eating and her thirst had increased. I knew something wasn't right and that I had to act fast. Bloodwork showed low red blood cells....further bloodwork ....regenerative anemia...not good. PVSEC confirmed a tumor in her duodenum; the upper small intestine. CANCER?!!? A shocking diagnosis. Not my dog, I do everything right! She eats only raw food, had not been vaccinated in 13 years, and I used no chemical flea, tick, or heartworm treatments.

A month prior, she was thriving and I was sure we still had a few good years ahead of us. Sadly, she was declining quickly. I got her home and did not leave her for 2 days. I called her favorite humans to come and say their goodbyes. She loved seeing everyone! We had a wonderful last 2 days together....she did all her favorite things...laying on the porch, walking in the woods, and hanging out in the yard.

She is a part of me and Healthy Pet Products, because of her, my mission continues stronger than ever. I will make a difference in the lives of pets through education and awareness. Although I lost my girl to cancer at 15 I am sure I would have lost her much sooner if not for raw food and minimizing vaccinations and chemical exposure. I am forever grateful for the time I had with her. I am heartbroken but I know my heart will heal one day and I will be able to save another. I hope you will stop in sometime soon to meet me and my staff and see what we can offer your pets.

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