*An episode on Synthetics in Dog Food with Emily from Raw Dynamic*

Episode Overview:
In this episode of Toni Unleashed, we dive into the topic of synthetic vitamins and minerals in pet food with Emily from Raw Dynamic. These additives are included to make pet food complete and balanced, but how do they affect nutrient absorption in our pets? Join us as we explore the competition between synthetic and natural nutrients in a dog’s body.

Key Discussion Points

Introduction to Synthetic Additives:
  - Synthetic vitamins and minerals are added to pet food to "ensure it is complete and balanced". 
  - Emily explains how these synthetic additives can compete with natural nutrients for absorption.

Bioavailability and Absorption:
  - Synthetic vitamins lack the essential synergistic compounds found in natural vitamins.
  - Synthetic vitamins can stimulate cellular metabolism but cannot fully replace natural components, potentially leading to degraded cells.
  - Structural differences between synthetic and natural vitamins impact how well they are absorbed by your dog’s body.

Impact on Dogs:
  - Synthetic and natural nutrients compete for absorption, leading to potential deficiencies or imbalances.
  - Long-term effects of this competition on your dog’s immune function, skin health, and overall well-being.

Tips for Pet Parents:
  - Prioritize natural, whole-food sources of nutrients in your dog’s diet.
  - Choose dog food made with real meat, fruits, and vegetables to minimize the intake of synthetic additives.
  - Invest in your dog’s health by selecting foods that support natural nutrient absorption for a vibrant, healthy life.

Remember, your dog’s health is worth the investment. By opting for dog food with natural ingredients and reducing synthetic additives, you’re making a positive impact on their health and longevity.