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Pros To Hiring a Professional Dog Walker 

Most owners enjoy dog walking since it gives them a chance to bond with their furry friends and breathe some fresh air. However, we don’t always have enough time to take our dogs out, especially during busy working days, when every minute has to fit a certain schedule. Dogs are social, active creatures, and their bodies and minds crave stimulation and interaction. Even a short walk around the block can make a world of difference to your dog’s day.  

Many dog owners hire professional dog walkers to take care of their pets, and they never look back. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of dog walking as well as who and why needs to hire a professional dog walker.  

Here are the things you need to know when hiring a dog walker or dog walking service: 

Who Needs a Dog Walker? 

Lengthy walks are sometimes difficult to fit into our busy schedules. We know the dogs need our care, so we wake up an hour early, or rush home during lunch hours, or delay making dinner for our families so we can take our furry buddy out. It can get overwhelming, and no matter how much we love our dogs, sometimes it’s too much to handle.  

In short, if you’re unable to commit to your dog’s necessary daily routine, you need to hire a dog walker. Many things can cause this, including:  

  • Change of work location
  • Illness
  • Inconvenient work schedule or long shifts
  • Socializing (date nights and dinners are important for us humans, too)
  • Fatigue 

With a professional dog walker, your pet will get the exercise they need, you will get a nice chunk of time to tend to other things, and everybody wins. If you’re unable to walk your dog and give him the attention he needs, you should find someone who can.  

What Does a Dog Walker Do?  

A dog walker will make sure your furry buddy gets the attention, interaction, and exercise he needs to stay healthy and happy. This person will come to your home, take your dog out for a walk, pet him, talk to him, and make sure they leave him well and satisfied. Some dog walkers will include some extra tasks into their service, such as refilling the food and water bowls, giving the dog its medicine, or including some extra running or playtime for pups that need some extra exercise.  

The majority of dog breeds need regular exercise to stay healthy. Dogs that don’t get the attention, stimulation, and exercise they need often become destructive or depressed. It reflects on various behaviors like barking, destroying furniture and clothing, digging, chewing on everything, and even aggression towards the owner. These unpleasant behaviors don’t happen because the dog is bad or spoiled – they happen because he or she is bored and lonely.  

A dog walker will provide your pet with a chance to go potty, but also to relieve some steam and have some fun outside in the open air.  

Benefits of Having a Dog Walker    

There are many benefits of having a dog walker take your pup out on consistent walks, and some of the most important ones include:  

Good health: Just like humans, dogs also need regular exercise to stay healthy and live long, happy lives. Dog obesity is becoming a critical trend, and many pets develop serious health problems that could have been easily prevented by regular walks and exercise. 

Improved behavior: A tired dog is calm, satisfied, and happy. Regular exercise helps your pup release energy, so all that’s left for you are sweet cuddles and playtime. No more chewing, barking or going potty indoors.  

Time: You will have time to make breakfast and dinner AND go out for drinks with friends without worrying about your dog and his walks.  

Do I Need a Dog Walker Every Day?  

How often you’ll need a dog walker mostly depends on your dog and your specific needs. Do you want a professional to take your dog for walks every day and completely take a certain walk (e.g., the evening walk before bedtime) out of your schedule, or do you need someone only to do it occasionally? 

Some people hire dog walkers for two to three times a day, while others hire them twice a week, but for a couple of hours at a time. Some breeds need extra exercise, others need to use the bathroom more often, and some dogs don’t care for exercise as long as they have their potty breaks on time.  

How Much Does a Dog Walker Cost?  

The costs of dog walkers vary based on your location and the service they provide. The best way to learn about the rate in your area is to hit the park and start socializing with other owners. Ask if anyone is using some trustworthy dog walking service and ask for recommendations. Owners are usually happy to chat about various pet services they use, and recommending someone that takes good care of the dogs is always a rewarding thing to do.  

Expect to pay a little extra for services like feeding, running, trail hiking or walking, etc.  

Before you hire a dog walker, check for references. Talk to owners and find a trusted service because you will be leaving all of your possessions to this person, in addition to trusting them with your dog. Never hire a random stranger from the ads and always make sure the dog walker is a member of a specialized organization like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Once you start using the services of an experienced professional, both you and your dog will enjoy life a little bit more.