Breeder Questions  

Doodle Version  

*Quick Notes:  

  • This list has been built by very reputable poodle breeders and “more” responsible doodle breeders 
  • Breeding is a full-time job that costs a lot of money (when done correctly) and is done best by people who value and truly love the breed therefore it should cost more than $1,000 for a puppy if they have been bred and tested correctly
  • Reputable breeders breed to maintain the integrity of purebred dogs, so any reputable breeder should have NO issue with you asking these questions and should be able to answer them without an issue. 
  • Ohio is the second-largest state with Puppy Mills (especially in the Mennonite and Amish communities) a good breeder should be MORE than willing to prove they do not factory produce puppies. 
  • “doodles” are not purebred dogs or AKC registers there is no standard for how they should be bred. Your breeder should be doing due diligence to breed the best dog they can and answer these questions 

Ask for the breeders’ Vet information and for permission to talk to them about the health and wellbeing of the parents and puppies.  

  • Ask what age they vaccinate their puppies 
  • Cannot receive rabies before 12 months 
  • Pups should receive two rounds before going home 

Ask to see the parents  

  • Check the mothers’ ears, paws, eyes, and nipples. 
  • If ears, paws, or eyes seem smelly or yeast that’s a sign of a poor immune system
  • If nipples are saggy and loose that is a sign of being overbred 
  • Play with their ears, paws, and tails to check they have been properly socialized around humans and are living in a house 
  • Offer a treat to see if they know any tricks or commands 
  • Well cared for dogs that are bred (especially smart breeds) should have a variety of tricks their owners want to show off 
  • Check their hair and ASK HOW EASILY THEY MAT
  • Groomers notoriously get frustrated with doodles because their hair texture is so inconsistent and easily matts. 

Ask to see the area the animals are raised, fed, and cared for  

  • As well as how many dogs and how many different breeds they tend to breed. 
  • Any more than two breeds you’re getting into puppy mill territory 

Ask how many times the female has been bred (5 or less is normal) and her age (as well as the fathers)  

Genetic history  

  • Heart 
  • Bloat 
  • Hip 
  • Elbows 
  • No Eyes 
  • These can be easily tested for and monitored across litters so a reputable breeder should have a strong answer and a good idea about these common health issues. 

Ask for references of past buyers outside of Ohio  

  • Strong breeders usually have returning buyers, specifically ask for those 

Ask about health testing and the results  

  • If the cost of the puppy is less than $1,000 then they are not properly health test 
  • Common tests used are: Paw Prints or Optimal Selection 

Ask what generation your puppy will be 

  • Takes multiple generations to get a more “poodle shedless coat” 

How do they temperament test their dogs?  

  • Doodles infamously have a range of behaviors, traits, and health issues because of the inconsistency of how they are bred. Be sure to ask about the temperaments of the puppies they have already sold in the past as well (they should be keeping in touch with a decent amount of families they have sold to before outside of Ohio) 

Ask what food they feed  

  • brand, protein, if they rotate proteins, and how many times a day they feed  

Does the mother’s food change or increase when pregnant (females need more calories when pregnant)  

What do you feed the puppies when they are able to eat dry food?  

We cannot express enough how important it is to ask these questions. A reputable breeder should have NO problems answering these questions and they should be following up with a lot of questions for you. DO NOT feel uncomfortable asking these questions or pulling out from the deal. This is all business and not responsible for breeding if they do not accommodate you and your questions.